About Me

My name is Ian Paine and I began my Police career in 1985 with Sussex Police before transferring to the States of Jersey Police in 1990. I remained there until 2004 when I transferred to the Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

The majority of my service with the States of Jersey Police was on the Motorcycle section where I mainly dealt with all types of traffic related police work. In 1991 I commenced collision (accident) investigation work and became fully qualified in 1992. From that time until I left in 2004 I was one of only three collision investigators in Jersey and we dealt with the majority of serious injury and all fatal or potentially fatal collisions. By the time I came to leave Jersey I was also responsible for the day to day running of the Collision Investigation Unit.

I moved away from Jersey in 2004 in order to take up a full time Collision Investigators position with Avon and Somerset Police.  There I have worked within a small team of officers who deal with all the forces fatal road traffic collisions (averaging 80 – 100 every year). I retired from Avon and Somerset Police in 2010 and returned to Jersey.

I have attended many courses relating to different aspects of collision investigation and have also qualified as a full member of the Institute of Road Traffic Accident Investigators, a body recognised worldwide as being at the forefront of collision (road traffic accident) investigation.


A full list of my qualifications are detailed below:


·               Traffic Accident Analysis and Reconstruction (Initial training 1991)

·               Standard Traffic Accident Investigation Training, City and Guilds Certificate.

·               Advanced Traffic Accident Investigation Training, City and Guilds Certificate.

·               City and Guilds of London Institute Examinations in Road Accident Investigation for Police Officers.

·               Full Member of the Institute of Traffic accident Investigators.

·               Advanced Police Driver and Advanced Police Motorcyclist.

·               E.D.C.R.A.S.H Programme, Computer Analysis of Impact Damage

·               Advanced training in damage analysis and assessment of speeds from damage.

·               Expert Witness and evidence training.

·               Training in use of Surveying Equipment for scene recording and analysis.

·               ‘RelMo’ 3D scene modelling and animation Program.

·               Tyre examination Methods for Collision Investigators

·               Motorcycle Handling Course for Collision Investigators

·               Human Factors and Forensic Awareness Course for Collision Investigators.

·               Road Safety Audit Training.

·               Road Safety Engineering Techniques.

·               Pedestrian and Pedal Cycle Collision.

·               Traffic Patrol Officers Course.

·               Cognitive Interview techniques.

·               Use of video in Vehicles Operation.

·               Lion Intoximeter Roadside Breath Test Equipment Operation.

·               Lion Intoximeter Station Breath Sample Analysing Equipment Operation.

·               Use of VASCAR, RADAR and LASER Speed Detection Equipment Operation.